Southeastern Tool and Die has the capability of fixing and modifying damaged or old trailers for the transportation industry to meet the DOT 396 annual inspection requirement. With newer transportation laws about the safety and preservation of products, Southeastern Tool can modify or strengthen trailers for road service. We are currently working on gaining DOT-approval for straighten warped frames, strengthen the load capacity, and modify the framework of trailers to meet and exceed DOT requirements. From cracks in the welds, faulty air or hydraulic lines, road wear and tear on the outside to rust and enviromental damage to the underside, Southeastern Tool and Die can make the trailer or truck bed like new and road ready for the annual inspection. 

SMERT Trailer

Southeastern Tool and Die created a SMERT trailer (Self-contained, Multipurpose, Elevating, Rollerized Trailer) for transportation and military customers. The SMERT trailer can be raised and lowered between 38 ½” and down to 72 ½”. The bed is capable of both standard width and extra wide width configurations. Each side can be pulled and locked between 88” and 108” wide loads.The SMERT trailer can have special pallets that can lock in place to prevent the load from sliding. For our military customers the SMERT trailer is GSA listed and available with or with a cold weather package for artic use.


Below are photos of trailers we have repaired, modified, or designed and fabricated.

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